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The insulated conductors are black, white, and red, usually supplying both and volts for clothes dryers. VH Audio is very pleased to announce the Pulsar Ag.

Lastly, a very thin clear FEP jacket is applied. Click for more details or Read Reviews Quantity discounting applies to the Pulsar Cu, as follows, and will be automatically calculated when you add to the shopping cart: It is always used for countertop appliance outlets in kitchens, and often for outlets in bathrooms for high-wattage hair dryers and other rooms.

The color is a North American industry standard for cables made sinceand aids identification. Quantity discounting applies to Pulsar Ag, and will be calculated automatically when added to the shopping cart.

Nomenclature and abbreviations in electrical distribution[ edit ] Alternative ways are commonly used in the electrical industry to specify wire sizes as AWG.

Stranded wires are specified with three numbers, the overall AWG size, the number of strands, and the AWG size of a strand.

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The AWG gauge of a stranded wire represents the sum of the cross-sectional areas of the individual strands; the gaps between strands are not counted. The VH Audio V-Quad Cu24 is recommended for headphone cables, internal speaker crossover hookup wire tweets and midsline-level analog interconnect applications, or signal hookup wire inside electronic components.

The most common type of distribution cable, NM-B, is generally implied: The ground wire is typically the same gauge as the others, despite not being intended to carry large amounts of current for more than a few seconds in the event of a short circuit.

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All Pulsar variants also use a thin, solid FEP dielectric with no pigments clear for the jacket material. At the core of the V-Quad Cu24 cable, natural cotton is used to buffer micro-vibrations. Natural unbleached cotton, PTFE tape and a proprietary ultra-flexible core material are used to buffer mechanical resonances, as well as provide flexibility.

This means the ideal ohm impedance will stay consistent, even for longer runs and awkward or tight bends.

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Some cables of this type may be flat to save copper. The silver plated braid adds the benefit of a low impedance path to ground, and preserves the high-end "sparkle" missing in many copper-based analog IC's.