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From there things kind of go Reversal of Fortune, in the best possible way. He also served as executive producer of the film. After becoming paralyzed, Reeve's character Dempsey tells his wife and brother, who are also "doing it" more on that to comethat he wants to die because he can't live as "half a man" but wants to ensure his son is well taken care.

Namely, it needs more praise for Kim Cattrall's breasts.

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Its an eerie coincidence to be sure but I feel it overshadows just what a high quality unique thriller this is. He made his Broadway debut opposite Katharine Hepburn in A Matter of Gravity in and then went on to distinguish himself in a variety of stage, screen and television roles with passion.

Mantegna straight murders at acting! The center supports the study of trauma to the spinal cord and diseases affecting it, with an emphasis on the development of therapies to promote the recovery and repair of neurological function.

And interesting to note Bill Macy's involvement as co-writer on the script and supporting role before his career blew up. There's a decent script and excellent performers - it's just marred by the low budget treatment that makes the film look so cheap.

Inhe demonstrated in Santiago, Chile on behalf of 77 actors threatened with execution by the Pinochet regime. Acting career After graduating from Cornell University inChristopher pursued his dream of acting, studying at Juilliard under the legendary John Houseman. While that's certainly tragic, this movie deserves a little more praise than how it was prophetic.

Not Surprised that Joe Mantaigna killed it here, once again. Would never have guessed this was an HBO movie as the cast and production values are pretty top notch.

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