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They are shown again at a model shoot after Kaname has disappeared. Rima expresses an unwillingness to attend the party, but is cajoled by Senri to attend, where coincidentally, they ran into Takuma.

A young man appeared at one of the side doors. I felt more movement behind me and as Senri reached out to touch my face, I felt hands sliding down my arms. Your next shoot is in thirty minutes and you need to finish getting ready.

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She worries about Senri over the holidays when he returns home and even more so when she is unable to contact him. He was wearing white slacks and brown loose top with a neckline that was curiously low. His brown eyes looked bored and tired, but when we made eye contact I saw something flicker in them.

Senri e Rima

Rima notices Yuki's heels and comments to Yuki that she didn't think the prefect was the type to wear impractical shoes pin heels. You need to meet Senri Shiki. The meaning of "Toya" is "far-reaching arrow" and "Ri" means Jasmine, the "ma" signifies enchantment by wearing away such as by polishing.

I could feel Senri's eyes on my skin and looked up, my blue eyes locking onto his brown and I began to see flashes of red across my vision and through his.