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The person accepting the package does not receive it on the day it says it was delivered. Within this email the BL customer service rep even specifically confirmed the address that it was going to be shipping to, which at was the correct address.

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So I contact customer support again. Here is my main example although I actually have several, I'm only going to explain this one.

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The products are made of fine materials and the latest technologies to help you cook creative meals like a professional. Clipper EE Professional performance for all styles.

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Ok strange, maybe the postal service messed up. With expecting your first child or even second or third, the last thing you want is any additional headache.

Only the tracking was to the address of my first shower.

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Ok- this is a mistake I could see happening and so I didn't raise a fuss even though it meant when it arrived to the destination, it would need to be shipped to me, as i live in a different state.

The customer service re emails me says something along the lines of "oh it shipped to so and so I had 2 baby showers in different states that were 2 months apart.

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I would not use Babylist again if I had to do it all over again, as it has caused unnecessary stress. I thought perhaps it was stolen.

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How is this so complicated? I've skimmed my email chain with them and I told them the correct address to send it to 4 times, and 1 time it was actually confirmed with their rep.