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Body language flirting stages of death, eye and triangulation

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He'll hold your elbow or place his hand at the small of your back to guide you through a crowd. They want to cuddle up and be like a puzzle piece.

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Sagittarius wants to embrace you. They're okay with something short-term if they know that's what's on the table.

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Fidgeting with his hair, brushing off dust from his pants, etc. They'll put on their favorite clothes, they'll walk right next to you, and they'll be there wherever you go.

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Scorpio will give you the most intense eyes. These statistics show that a person who knows how to control their body and voice is considered more appealing than someone who knows only a mouthful of pick-up lines and crowd pleasers.

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They'll cuddle, snuggle, and really crave your body. If you see him pick his teeth or examine his nails, then you know he's not interested. They'll sit right next to you, they'll definitely do the couch arm move, and they'll smell amazing.

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They'll sit right on top of you, laugh at your jokes, dance so you can see them flex their calves, and get interlocked with your body. They'll want to know you from head to toe.

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Women prefer simple, straightforward questions and introductions in this stage of the flirting game. They make a number of faces, whether energetic or contemplative.

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He might raise his eyebrows to indicate interest, and his lips will part slightly when he is locking eyes with someone he really likes.