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They are my two favorite search engines.


Busy Bran castle seemed to have more Romanians than foreigners. Want More Information on Romania? I was so disappointed.

Check out our resource page for the best companies to use! It was there that there were the most people, sites, day trips, and tours. The Romanians have this weird admiration for the French that I never expected.

There may not have been vampire teeth in every shop, but the country had a lot to offer. And you basically get the country all to yourself. It was as good a consolation prize as any traveler could get.

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Sometimes it can just be tacky and fun. If you want to stay elsewhere, use Booking. After Bulgaria, I had mixed feelings about going to Romania.

The hostels were mostly empty, even in busy Bra? At best, it might have been a place Dracula stopped while fighting the Turks. Yet for the three weeks I was in Romania, I was constantly blown away by the country.