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Canon launches PowerShot SX150 IS superzoom

Completely automatic, Intelligent IS instantly identifies the shooting situation and selects the most appropriate form of image stabilisation from seven possible settings1.

Lens hoods reduce the impact of flare resulting in increased image contrast and also offer some physical protection to the front of a lens.

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Price and Value The EF-M mm is the most expensive EF-M lens released to date, but since it delivers the focal length coverage of a general purpose zoom plus a telephoto zoom, and is cheaper than those two lenses combined, it can be considered a good value from a price standpoint. Maximum clip length is 29 min.

We've since re-tested with brand-new, fully-charged Sanyo Eneloop batteries and found full-power flash recycle time dropped to 9.

If you try to focus too close to the subject, the lens will attempt to focus, but will almost always display a red rectangle around the focusing area on the screen of the camera. Again it's like walking the dog: That's some serious macro shooting! Still, they're fine for viewing on the PC or online, and if you can transfer the files to something that can output to an HDTV, they'll look pretty decent.

It also accepts Eye-Fi wireless media. It would be more than a decade before more established camera companies produced consumer cameras equipped with the kind of resolution and dynamic range that the DASLA Origin provided. This resulted in the uneven exposure you see at right, both with and without flash.

The bright, but relatively low-res, 3-inch LCD from last year's model is also retained.

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With the lens attached, the camera still feels reasonably well balanced, if a tiny bit front heavy. Thanks largely to a company called Red, however, the quality of digital video soon matched that of film to the point where seasoned filmmakers could barely tell the difference.

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