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Leroy", r47 I assume you're familiar with that infamous story Some sources suggest that as of Bree has been dating Ryan Williams, but the social media star has not confirmed this.

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When Dylan and Cole were four months old, their family moved back to the United States and settled in California for what ended up being a long time! Cole says that over the course of eight years filming The Suite Life, he never missed a single day of work!

And everyone knows the only thing that matters in a relationship is the dog.

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Perhaps screenwriting is in his future? After graduation, he was still working in the archaeology field and did not have any immediate plans to go back into acting, but he knew that it was a more lucrative career path.

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The pair met while studying at New York University. She persuades Jeremiah to cross dress so he can act as her "little sister", and Jeremiah's cross-dressing evolves to include his mother's seduction techniques.

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Cole actually still has dual citizenship in the United States and Italy, so he could easily move back one day if he wanted. Currently, She lives in Seattle with two dogs and a cat.

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And they pulled it off in real life!