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Under Daendels' orders, R. Wiranatakusumah IIthe chief administration of the Bandung regency at that time, moved its office from Krapyak, in the south, to a place near a pair of holy city wells "sumur Bandung"the present-day site of the city square "alun-alun". Daendels built a road, stretching approximately 1, km miles from the west to discoboxer dating east coast of Java, and passing through Bandung.

The Dutch military commander set an ultimatum for the Indonesian combatants in Bandung to leave the city.

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Chinese workers from outside the city flocked in, to help run facilities, services and selling vendor machines. This plan, however, was cut short by World War II after which the Dutch were not able to re-established their colony. Accordingly, during this decade, the Dutch colonial government started building military barracks, the central government building "Gouvernments Bedrijven", the present-day Gedung Sate and other government buildings.

In response, on 24 Marchmuch of the southern part of Bandung was deliberately set alight as the combatants left; an event known as the "Bandung Lautan Api" or 'Bandung Sea of Flame'. InBandung was given the status of "gemeente" municipality and then later as "stadsgemeente" city municipality in In the nineteenth centuryFranz Junghuhn introduced the cinchona "kina" plant.

He built his "dalem" palace"masjid agung" the grand mosque and "pendopo" public-official meeting place in the classical orientation. After the Indonesian Independence inBandung was determined as the capital of West Java province.

The fertile area of the Parahyangan Mountains surrounding Bandung supports productive tea plantations. Braga Street grew into a promenade street with cafes, restaurants and boutique shops. The old Chinatown district in Bandung is still recognisable in the railroad station vicinity. Two art-deco style hotels, Savoy Homann and Preanger, were built in the vicinity of the Concordia Society, a club house for the wealthy with a large ballroom and a theatre.