How do I convert a SID between binary and string forms? – The Old New Thing How do I convert a SID between binary and string forms? – The Old New Thing

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It needs to have this information added: Are we at all surprised by this? Even accounting for the first two fields, the 'fcc' and 'cb' fields, which actually overlap the AVI header information so the data part actually starts at the fccType fieldI have seen AVI files in which only 48 bytes of data are provided, that is, the rcFrame data is completely missing.

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The sad thing is that the conditionals could work both ways, and it is worth pointing out that the definitions do not need to be different: Therefore, if the last error value is needed, it must be obtained before the ASSERT macro appears, because otherwise, in debug mode, this critical piece of information will be lost.

ConvertSidToStringSidA function

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Due to fundamental design errors in the creation of this file and the related vfw.