Puma Punka, Bolivia Puma Punka, Bolivia

Cosmogenic dating of megaliths at puma punku age, …well these blocks in the photos below seem to tick all the boxes for me… what do you think?

Drawing from leftand recent photo Rightof the same stone - although slightly more broken.

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The Puma Punku temple offers one of the best examples of masonry skills in the whole of the pre-Columbian Americas.

Other features of the megalithic structure include a complex irrigation system with well-drilled holes and irrigation channels in some stone blocks that exceed the scope of their championship of the Inca and the other peoples of that time.

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Smaller andesite blocks that were used for stone facing and carvings came from quarries within the Copacabana Peninsula about 90 km away from and across Lake Titicaca from the Pumapunka and the rest of the Tiwanaku Site.

This area was believed to have existed between heaven and Earth.

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Used metoda does not allow dating stone. One of the most interesting things to have transpired about the site is that many of the immense blocks were built as if from a template, and amazingly appear to interlock as the picture below illustrates.

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Yaeger is of the opinion that the Incas perceived the ruined stone statues at Puma Punk as the embodiment of the first people of their myths about the creation of the world. It has been seriously suggested that there is evidence of basic machining at Puma-punka, as the following photo demonstrates: Unable to produce the massive crop yields necessary for their large population, the Tiwanaku are argued to have scattered into the local mountain rangesonly to disappear shortly thereafter.

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They were initially pounded by stone hammers, which can still be found in numbers on local andesite quarries, creating depressions, and then slowly ground and polished with flat stones and sand. The Bolivian archaeologist, Osvald Rivera, agrees with the view that the temple was built on astronomical calculations.

These cramps were used to hold the blocks comprising the walls and bottom of stone-line canals that drain sunken courts.

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Some of the structures on higher ground were once covered with 2 metres or so of earth. The stones are so precisely assembled that it is impossible to insert anywhere between them or the tip of the needle.

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