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Fat Guy Stuck in Internet uses a mix of greenscreen effects, hard sets, miniaturesmatte paintings and computer animation to create the show's cyberspace environment, [6] though carries over many of the intentionally low-budget props and special effects from the web series e.

Byte Liz Cackowski - The sister of Bit, Byte is a humanoid computer program who aides Gemberling early in his quest, placing great confidence and belief in his abilities.

Chains eventually becomes Gemberling's troublesome sidekick. Gemberling John Gemberling - A skilled but slovenly programmer in real life otherwise recognized by his given internet handle of "Fat Guy Stuck in Internet", Gemberling is actually the prophesied savior of the internet, destined to save cyberspace from evil.

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Chains Curtis Gwinn - A dim-witted redneck bounty hunter hired by the C. Aired in five-minute episodes as part of ChannelGemberling became Channel 's longest-running original series, lasting a total of eight episodes including a minute finale. Along with Byte, he is kidnapped by Chains and ultimately suffers his fate at the hands of his newly evil sister.

Joined by a pair of humanoid "programs" named Bit and Byte, Gemberling embarks on an epic adventure to save the internet, return home and unleash the hero within, all the while hunted through cyberspace by ruthless white trash bounty hunter Chains.

At first a selfish jerk, Gemberling's quest brings out his inner goodness and strength as he learns the value of heroism and friendship. She is later kidnapped by Chains and converted to evil by the C. John Gemberling - The villainous albeit inept C.

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The basic premise of Fat Guy Stuck in Internet is a parody of the film Tronfrom which the series also borrows several visual elements. After dumping beer on his computer keyboard, Gemberling is inexplicably sucked into his computer, landing in the farthest reaches of the internet where he soon discovers that he is in fact "The Chosen One", prophesied to save cyberspace from a devastating virus known as the nanoplague.