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So, Guiseppe Ascorti hastily equipped a new workshop, and then he left company which was essentially his own. His strategy was as simple as it was brilliant. The History of Caminetto shapes, stamping, articles, etc. Maybe, they had more than one glass of wine each, but it's not certain whether the distinctive mustache logo on the stem and the Caminetto slogan "La Pipa del Baffo" - "the pipe with the mustache" - was created the same night.

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The Tinder Box International would be under contract with successful nationwide distribution. At this point Ascorti wanted to sever ties with Davoli, but Davoli was able to assert himself and maintained control.

Radice started quarreling with Ascorti about the future course of Caminetto, and they were unable to find a solution. Only to 1, Sergio pipes were released. Production increased steadily, from 3, to 5, and then 7, pipes being made per year, placing Caminetto at the top of US sales in their market segment.

Caminetto prospered throughout the 's. Davoli continued for a few more months. Pipes were made by standard shape numbers, and there was no longer room for his own creative pipemaking and personal development. He was also afraid that the increased production would eventually lead to a reduction in quality.

And thus they were able to re-start making pipes within a few weeks in The foreseen quality issues occurred--there were complaints from the US.

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Ascorti, Radice and Davoli later became famous as "I tre Camini" - the three chimneys. Ascorti also persuaded his co-worker, the young and highly-talented pipemaker Luigi Radice bornto join him - the two were neighbors in Cucciago. First, Luigi Radice became increasingly discontent with the factory-like production.

Example and details, courtesy Doug Valitchka Caminettos from new production aftercourtesy Frank For further reading see this excellent post by user joshoowah and subsequent discussion on: