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Dating guys older than your boyfriend, leave a reply

Baby — A cute name to call a guy who you have to look out for. Nature Boy — Perfect for fans of the great outdoors.

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At 15 I was smart and self-aware. Tater Tot — Sinful but delicious. So, here are the things I wish someone had talked to me about when I was 15—if they had, I doubt I would have acted on my proclivity for adult men at least until it was legal for me to do so, or maybe I would have just dialed my actions back a little.

A guy with ambition and responsibilities—what could be the problem? Tell it like it is!

Dating Guy 4 Years Older

Maybe she needs a boi toy. Lamb — An adorable name for the sweetest of guys. Foxy — A cute name to use for a guy who gets you going.

I romanticized a story about an adult man kidnapping, molesting, and raping an adolescent girl. Winkie — A super adorable name for a super adorable guy.

Ibex — For a dude who loves adventure. I think he will be ok with me being taller. That, by the way, is actually a comparison I made at the time, which is so gross to me now. It is not written in stone anywhere that it should be so, not even in the Bible!