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Also it looks like Oliver had another tube going into his neck when we see him on the table at the hospital. I had noticed slight discrepancies in continuity when some things were done or said which were not compatible with events that had happened earlier.

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It is not poisonous. It didn't appear to be nasogastric.

Die Rettungsflieger

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As I have no medical knowledge whatsoever, I cannot comment on the medical jargon used for which I am gladbut in Episode 11 of the 10th season a really ridiculous mistake was made.

I think it would've been cool if they had shown Oliver at the hospital more. It scared me not seeing the boy helped. I liked it so much that, after the demise of GermanTV, I bought all 11 seasons of the series on DVD and have been watching most of them several times.

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We have since made upgrades moving to a VPS, buying more space, etcbut the site continues to outgrow the upgrades. Most videos open in youtube. In when a couple of us got together to begin putting the website together, space was never an issue.

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The toxic gas is carbon monoxide CO which becomes dangerous when an internal combustion engine or a stove is operated in an enclosed space with no ventilation.

I wondered what would happen to me the next time I went into an operating room. There is a few hosted elsewhere to allow their viewing worldwide. His papa has to do cpr and mouth-to-mouth on him till the rescue helicopter arrives and then they defib him twice.

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