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Even if you haven't watched an episode of Dr. Not only that, but he also confessed that while in California for the Dr. They went on Dr.

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Well, apparently men always win, so definitely Dick Masterson. It was only when I caught word of the 'Cash Me Outside' girl that I started to get interested, and when I landed on an episode one day, I decided to try it out.

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Sadly it turned out that Hayley was not a manipulative liar, she was diagnosed with schizophrenia and is hopefully going to get the help she needs to manage her condition. Season 16, Episode May 22, Season 16, Episode May 22, Jillian claims she created a juice that can cure any disease and illness.

Phil, and asked her to trust the process without the demands.

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While Hayley comes across as a bit of a troublemaker, once we realize what is going on we can see that it is through no fault of her own that she suffers from delusions, and she should be treated with kindness and respect. The whole time I sat there, jaw on the floor, toes curling going 'oh my Phil show, the day before filming he has contacted his former employer and had inquired about any film openings for him to star in.

He accuses her of being 'phoney and inauthentic'.

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At one point, Danielle became irritated with the laughing audience and responded by saying "Catch me outside how about that," however, her pronunciation made it sound like, "Cash Me Ousside Howbow Dah.

Phil explained he's personal friends with Taylor Swift's mother, and felt that if Riley were involved with the writing process of Swift's songs, he would know about it. Phil tells a mom who admits she spoils her daughter with thousands of dollars and little discipline that she is parenting from guilt.

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Phil arranged for an ultrasound which revealed what everyone already knew - that she wasn't pregnant.