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Dragon Ball Super

They land about one character's width in front of If you become a Volley Ball, you just have to wait the rest of the move out.

Frieza and his brother Cooler can make a tiny energy ball on their fingers, that looks harmless. After the move starts, a 3 second timer will be shown above This is indeed, an ultimate, and legendary attack. They fire a beam, that entraps their opponent inside a volley-ball shape, then they knock it around, until it breaks open.

Taiketsu is often considered a nauseatingly bad fighting game. It's strong, but it doesn't go across the whole screen. Jump over the original energy ball.

This badges are quite valuable depending on their rarity and can be exchanged at shops for a certain amount Zeni the more rare the badge the is the more Zeni it is worth in Toki Toki City's Industrial Sector.

Blocking won't work, because it's a throw. You can block some of the hits, but you'll still take damage.

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However, they aren't just in a row; Trunks actually does three different sword slashes, and it causes the energy waves to come out fast.