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He was told that had he left it just a day longer his car would have been sold at auction, with no comeback. When you complete a change of ownership, yourself and the new owner will need to sign and date the document.

We know that the vast majority of motorists continue to tax their vehicles on time with over 23 million drivers taxing their vehicles since 1 October As an individual who is transferring ownership you must do the following: If you have already sent off the vehicle's log book V5Cthen unfortunately you cannot use their online service.

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Money has been contacted by several innocent motorists who have had to pay hundreds of pounds in towing and impounding fees; all say they knew nothing of the rule change.

Then, the DVLA will cancel your car tax coverage, as well as any outstanding Direct Debits you have set up to pay the tax. What you need to know Ensuring your car is properly taxed is a vital part of car ownershipadding to the funds available to the government to maintain and improve our vast network of roads and motorways, as well as paying contributions based on the number of carbon emissions your vehicle produces.

Share this article Share Mr Black said Mr Seddon 'would not have purchased the vehicle' had he known that its status as a historic vehicle was 'liable to investigation'.

What you need to do Below is a simple guide on what you need to do in order to transfer ownership of your car to another person. One eventually did arrive, but only after a car had been towed.