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Public Interest — Environment Climate change, pollution, nature conservation etc. From both bands' flirt a-dextrins, I had to miss a little bit.

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Xandria is also a must. Prescription and OTC Products Advertising for pharmaceutical and related products and services aimed at the general public or at the medical profession.

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The word was of course done by Dianne in her native language Dutchwhile they did their songs in English, which of course is quite logical in the metal music, but also, the men of the band guitarist Marco Heubaum and Philip Restemeier, drummer Gerit Lamm and bassist Steven Wussow know how to encourage us to rock with them, haha.

As a result of this, they were fortunately signed to Transmission Records.

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During the silence, I could take them out for a while, so that I could hear and understand what the band all said to us. Following the release of this album, Epica embarked on their first tour of North America with Kamelot.

The sound during the show was wonderful, although I had to wear earplugs mandatory, because I would otherwise become deaf too fast.

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Upon release, it earned very similar acclaim to the previous record, of course is still an incredible achievement to maintain such a loyal fanbase.

Household Maintenance Paints, detergents, household cleaning products, air fresheners, insecticides, gardening equipment, plant foods, batteries, adhesives, food containers etc.

Because the band loves our cold little country so much, they had therefore this show scheduled for their fans.

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