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The report filter now displays the filtered items. To display the selected items, click Keep Only Selected Items.

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In the search box, you can optionally search for a particular value. Add a report filter Click anywhere inside the PivotTable. To change the order of the fields, in the Filters area, you can either drag the fields to the position that you want, or double-click on a field and select Move Up or Move Down.

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Filter by selection to display or hide selected items only In the PivotTable, select one or more items in the field that you want to filter by selection. In regular pivot tables, you might want to create a pivot table and use one of the dimensions as a filter. Since you already have data stored on this site, please select one of the following: You can choose to display all items in a field or to display selected items only, by clicking on filter drop down button appearing next to the field in a Report Filter.

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Clicking on ' All ' at the top will select all items defaultor you can select one item at a time by selecting it and clicking OK or else to select multiple items, select the check box at the bottom 'Select Multiple Items' and then check one or more items. Note that you can apply filters even if you do no display filter drop down buttons.

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In the list of row or column labels, uncheck the Select All box at the top of the list, and then check the boxes of the items you want to show in your PivotTable.