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At its best, this type of person is optimistic and outgoing. Can an Introvert Date an Extrovert?

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In their office there will be an additional armchair, a vase with sweets or fruit, and various electrical appliances in order to create the most comfortable atmosphere.

Studies have shown that introverts outperform extroverts in high-ticket sales positions because they are wired to be able to nurture longer lasting relationships with more depth and patience It is this exact trait that allows introverts to gain quick and thorough connection with people that they have just met.

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Introverts provide refuge from a too-fast, too-intense world. Many believe that the relationship between such different people as introverts and extroverts is impossible.

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We will tell you about the relationship between introvert and extrovert, and give advice on how to overcome the difficulties that may arise. Introverts are calm, thoughtful, reasonable, and often slow.

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Such a person will ask you out to the cinema, all kinds of exhibitions, parties and other events. Differences in psychological types aren't an excuse to break up a relationship with a loved one.

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It would be absolute chaos. Introverts are masters of mystery. But introverts, tuned to reflection, also tend to notice all the important details in the actions of others.

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Introverts Introvert loves solitude, is more drawn to himself and tries not to show his true emotions. The world needs both people who take action and people who are thoughtful… it keeps the world in balance.

He enjoys hitting on a lot of women at bars and clubs and taking things to the next level fairly quickly. But we can prove the contrary.

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In short, introverts win their dates over with their genuine curiosity and ability to listen with intention, said Michaela Chungthe author of The Irresistible Introvert: