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They should be familiar with at least some of the names.

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Our game gives you an immersive experience - you are part of the farm. You can split the board into three columns and put the three phonetic sounds at the top of the columns. Use these sequences to do some animal recognition work.

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Sign up Sign up here to get the latest inside scoop about the creation of Animal Farm! Animal Farm is a literary classic whose original message is more relevant than ever before.

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Keeping the Faith We live in turbulent times where established democracies are coming under attack from all sides. Find out what time they go to bed and then what time they go to sleep.

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The children can mime the animals as they join the central group of children. The hens lay an egg The rabbits like carrots The cows make the milk The horses eat the hay The sheep eat the grass Three little ducks This is another popular song that you can tie in with your farm unit.

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With the very young learners content yourself with singing the song with them. It is more interesting for the children if you change the words of this song.

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The children can stick or draw small flashcards of animals onto their farm scene. In can be things you find on a farm difficultjust words in English they know easieror provide them with a list of farm words which they have to place in the correct group the most controlled version.

Make sure you use props rubber ducksfinger movements or bodily actions to act out this song.

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Together you can build up a picture gallery of words with the same sound in them. But as an allegory of absolute power and totalitarian authority, both a needle-sharp satire and a terrible warning, it has proved to have timeless and universal significance.

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Old Macdonald had a farm No farm unit would be complete without this classic song that children love to sing.