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Flirted with another guy and feel guilty for no reason, why your girlfriend flirts with other guys

How do you stop feeling guilty after breaking up with someone even if it was for the right reasons?

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One thing you can do is realize that she is not in love with you and attempt to start a new relationship with her based in friendly companionship, one in which you do not talk about the future, but merely enjoy the present moments together. However, if you have delusions that you are going to be his new girlfriend or that your connection with him comes from some kind of sense of forbidden love, then take a hard, objective look at the situation.

Change and learning occur most readily when you a recognize that an error has occurred and b develop a strategy for correcting the problem.

Guys, Do guys feel guilty for flirting with another girl behind the girlfriend's back?

You insulted your friend. It took me 40 years to learn that one! Why do you always feel guilty?

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In other words there is always a reason for guilt but the reason can be buried in your subconscious mind and this is why you sometimes think that you feel guilty for no reason.

You wanna tell him to help yourself feel better about the situation Like any habit, this new way will become a habit as well. Are you willing to stop suffering and making yourself miserable when your sentence has expired? He had a perfectly crafted excuse for everything before you even asked it.