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This new pattern was printed on zeltbahn triangular tent material and could also be used as a camouflage rain poncho in the field.

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Proposed in and introduced inthe four-colour camouflage patterns incorporated "splinters" on top of the colour pattern.

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The Bulgarian Splittertarnmuster was developed in the s and s, with varied shapes and colors. The services can include all or just some of the following: Other material produced with this equipment included camouflage helmet covers, ammunition bandoliers and grenade bags.

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Only one side of each was printed in splitter pattern; the other side was left white for snow camouflage.

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Art is increasingly chosen as a communication strategy and a moment of aggregation by companies. The Bulgarian splinter 53 was later issued to special forces and worn until In splitter pattern jump smocks were issued to German paratroops for the invasion of Crete.

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