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Anyway… Rarity uses her detective skills and Rainbow her Daring Do knowledge to find the amulet, which had left a trail of residue, leading out of the school into the Everfree forest.

And grasp… Rainbow said horse and not pony! Is fashion horse secretly a boat builder too!? This certainly goes on the top of the more mediocre episodes!

Gumball nukes MLP ?

So lets break it down as always! Instead of you know… Focusing on the game!

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I found it interesting how Rainbow used something she learned from Scootaloo's Fillyguide camp to figure out the swamp was too deep for the two to wallow in. Don't mistake one for the other. Now we reach the end of the swamp and the two friends encounter a new creature, the Bufogren, which is basically like a giant frog.

So it's revealed that Twilight and Starlight had planned this all along, not that we didn't know, what with the acting going on with Twilight and Starlight!

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So the two find a secret door, which looks similar to something doesn't it? Anyway, back to the present… I could clearly tell this was faked, what we the acting tone in both Twilight and Starlight's voices… This is the result of Celestia becoming an acting coach!

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Also, love the references all the way back to season 1 with "Sonic Rainboom" and also the reference to "Rarity Investigates".