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In the reboot he, like Foamy, whines about Connecticut and longs to move back to New York. Two reasons provided for the change-over included poor quality copies being made and distributed without credit to Mathers.

I never liked this series to be honest. However, he does appear to be slightly paranoid and a conspiracy theorist. Her struggles provide angst for Neurotically Yours: I feel like im on newgrounds and its That was shite. Human characters[ edit ] Germaine Endez [21] is Foamy's "owner" through most of the episodes.

She was physically distracting [28] " eye candy ", with blond hair in ponytailsblue eyes, and an exaggerated breast size. Salt is an aspiring novelist with a scratchy voice who reluctantly takes in Foamy so he can get his P. She finds herself in opposition to various issues regarding women and even blaming these issues for causing people to accept such degrading roles in life.

That little trade mark isn't a cat, it's a fucking horned devil. Germaine also constantly suffers from money problems; her spotty employment record includes working in an occult bookstore, [23] prostitute, [5] [6] sales clerk at Walk-Martnude model for a New York art school, and barista at Starschmucks.