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Also, a pregnant woman in her 40s who's been diagnosed with cancer disagrees with Cristina's medical advice. Pending Info Yelena NikolayevaSergey Garmash and Nina Usatova are some of the actors that star in the Fonogramma Strasti movie, for a full list please see the cast tab in the movie menu above.

Meanwhile, Cristina and Burke's secret relationship gets more complicated, and when no one else can be reached, Izzie has to perform a major procedure on her own. Meanwhile, Webber reluctantly tells Derek about his own medical concerns. And just as Meredith and Derek grow more intimate, a surprise from his past shows up.

Burke treats his college buddy Bill, whose medical diagnosis raises some questions regarding his wife's actions.

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Meanwhile, Cristina and Burke hit it off. Izzie prepares to have a party for her boyfriend Hank's visit, but the size of the party far exceeds her expectations. Meanwhile, George suspects an anesthesiologist of drinking on the job, Alex treats a former competitor who now finds honor in self-mutilation, Izzie has to deal with a patient who won't let his girlfriend go, literally, and Cristina battles a case of what seems to be the flu.

And the interns are mystified by a patient who's being treated for seizures and who thinks he's psychic. Meanwhile, Alex treats a patient whose religious beliefs jeopardize her chances for recovery, and Izzie contemplates reconnecting with her estranged mother.

From this point on nothing is what it seems, as Vita becomes entangled into a deadly game of cat and mouse. By day, her work on the case seems all the more routine; by night she's involved in a steamy and passionate affair. Now that Bailey knows about Meredith and Derek's affair, their jobs are in jeopardy, and she strongly advises Meredith to end it.

Izzie and Cristina worry about a patient's wife and daughter who can't agree on his care. Please note we only list LEGAL streams and rentals for this movie and a rent or purchase fee may apply. Meredith has her first heart surgery, during which she fears that she has accidentally damaged the patient's heart.

Sooner rather than later however, Vita realizes that the man with whom she is having an affair with, is the same man she's been spying on for the agency. Fonogramma Strasti is a Thriller movie and the approximate length of the movie is minutes.