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One of the reference calibration points could be from placing the device in a zeroing chamber e. Graph - A time series graph of the magnetic flux density magnitude and values in all 3 axis.

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The shield shape plays an important role in the reduction of the of the magnetic sources. Magnetic north and true north differ depending on location and local deviations to the Earths magnetic field from nearby objects.

Ferromagnetic materials can therefore influence the local magnetic field depending on type, geometry, size and so on. Calibration To calibrate, first press the CAL button. XYZ relative to device Compass If placed horizontal, the compass will point to magnetic north.

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Use a calibrated gauss meter where it is required. Applications for the Model range from the most sensitive laboratory environments to rugged industrial settings. An electrical current is passed from one end of the slab to the other and the voltage at each edge of the slab is the same when no magnetic field is present.

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Clear - This clears the minimum, maximum and averaging values. Tapping the measurement box, will cause the relevant field to be measured. Thus this app can be used like a metal detector to look for ferromagnetic materials such as iron and steel.