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He was undergoing treatment at an Andheri hospital. Written by Kedar Shinde, the play shows the comedy that follows the accidental discoboxer dating of industrialist Madan played by Bharat Jadhav.

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In fact, so timeless are some Marathi plays that they create their own leagues of milestones i. And of Retired Army Association. Four different groups get four imposters of Madan to get their hands on the wealth left behind by Madan. Having done a number of shows on Marathi stage, Prashant has also worked in the film media.

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The attack came even as the actor came back to one of his most famous dramas 'eka lagnachi goshta'. Where there is quality, people will always demand more and flock theatres to watch their favourite plays.

Natasamrat is the story of a veteran stage actor who has retired from acting but cannot let go of his past glories.

Shriram Lagoo in the role of Ganpat Ramchandra Belvalkar is the most memorable and the most popular. In the pursuit of keeping it a secret, Madhav and his friend Udhhav played by Vinay Yedekar get embroiled in a string of comedic situations.

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The play went on till his death inand was performed world over. He got his first break into films through the film "Pudhcha Paul" by Producer Mr.

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Because of this, all shows of his dramas had to be cancelled for the next 15 days. Angiography revealed four blockages in arteries supplying blood to his heart which was operated the same week.

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Bharat Jadhav was well on his way to stardom in the Marathi film circuit when the play first opened in