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Getting to know each other dating games, get to know you “icebreaker” games

The game begins when people are gathered in a room or around a table. When saying "Flik" the seated person has to say the name of his left neighbour, when saying "Flak" he has to say his right neighbours name.

You can turn it into a quiz, which also challenges the memory of each individual.

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Tell players to think carefully and use words that will sum up their life experiences. The high point of these activities is that not only do you get to know each other better, but also forge a bond that can be very valuable for yourself as well as the institution school, office, college, and so on.

Game 6 — Interviews This game is linked to what reporters do for a living when they interview someone for news or feature story data. The rounds can have a time limitation.

5 Fun ESL Classroom Games for Getting to Know Each Other

Students look at incomplete personal information statements at the top of the worksheet and write the questions they need to ask in order to complete the statements, e. After everyone arrives, give the players a few minutes to mingle.

The information can be collected on little fish. Who is your next door neighbor in your home country? This game allows students to get very creative, which means that they usually have a lot of fun playing.

Suggested situations are the cocktail party of courseon the beach, in a nightclub, at the funeral of a mutually loved friend or family member, as competing athletes before tennis match, and as prisoners arriving in jail.

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Would you like to be famous? Let everyone form a circle and then hold up 10 fingers.

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If you live in an apartment, stand up. Keep doing this until everyone has said his or her own name several times. A relaxing atmosphere is important, regardless what kind of team that is: The person who catches the pillow says his or her name and quickly throws the pillow to someone else.