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Glass and pottery factory established in Maastricht by Petrus Regout Sr.

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During early 20th century Regout seems to have produced blue and white porcelain copying Chinese and Japanese products. Their leaf and floral 'boerenbont' patterns that initially was copied from English and German potteries eventually grew with own designs to some five or six hundred, each coming in various colour variants.

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By the mid's, Regout managed to produce the high-quality earthenware that was in demand, and from that moment onward his products started their triumphal progress across the world. While most Maastricht potteries products was white and undecorated some was from the very beginning decorated by hand.

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The pieces are hard to tell apart from Japanese transfer printed porcelain from the same period but is mostly properly marked. By the end of the nineteenth century, the company, by then greatly expanded and directed by its founder's sons and grandsons, had procured trade monopolies for no less than 31 export markets.

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The handpainting was mostly done done by women and girls using stamps for repeted patterns and a paint brush for flowers and fine borders. Inthe peak year of the Maastricht potteries, they employed about people.

Petrus Regout

In the company, until then known under the name of Petrus Regout, was renamed 'Sphinx'. In the following period the companies ran into difficulties, finally resulting in a number of mergers after the Second World War.

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One of the most important Dutch tableware producers from the latter half of the 19th century until World War II. It took almost two decades before the products manufactured in Maastricht measured up to the famous English earthenware of the period. Apart from this Mosa also produces tiles.

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By then, the company had already been using the image of a recumbent sphinx as its logo for twenty years. Sphinx stopped production of tableware in Petrus Regout, porcelain Dutch tableware.

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In the course of the twentieth century Sphinx shifted its focus slowly but surely from household earthenware to sanitary ware. Maastricht The initial years of earthenware production at Regout's firm were difficult.

Main competitor of Petrus Regout's firm, which was renamed Sphinx in