File:Grevillea wickhamii aprica grafted - Wikimedia Commons File:Grevillea wickhamii aprica grafted - Wikimedia Commons

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This table is in the collection of the National Museum of Australia in Canberra.

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She regularly gives talks to garden clubs about planting, pruning and of course, grafting!

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One of the main reasons for the popularity of these bottlebrush-flowered hybrids is that they bloom for much of the year. An excellent large indoor pot plant, Golden Penda needs light, warmth and moisture and is reasonably frost hardy in the garden.

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It grows to a tight compact form up to 80cm x 80 cm and produces an abundance of vibrant crimson flowers from autumn through to spring. Copious mulching and regular feeding of slow release additives is an obvious advantage. What more can I say to impress you?

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Watering was done at this stage but subsequent watering of tubes was very occasional as the tubes were are buried up to 10 mm in the sand bed. Sometimes seed germinates well, but often it is very poor or comes up over several often many months.

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Keith natives grevilleas - images of garden plants currently flowering near Corunna by thesilverdory. Recently some fairly ordinary hybrids have appeared in nurseries and some even have given the genus a bad name. I do not use any fungicides as they are too dangerous.

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Into this bed, the filled inverted water bottle was placed with the threaded section of the neck below the surface of the sand. The large numbers of electric yellow-gold spider-like flowers will give enormous pleasure.

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