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Anomalous activity zones have started popping up all across the planet; these zones basically consist of freaky mutated creatures and various other inexplicable anomalies.

The hero arrives by rail to the station of the town of Lyubechy. Mechanics sZone-Online introduces a large, open world with an area of over 40 square kilometers.

Happy Birthday - sZone-Online

Like any other properly executed MMORPG, you could basically play sZone-Online for hours upon hours every single day and still not have experienced all that it has to offer. The game was developed for PC as an attempt to fill the void after the legendary S. Witch Doctor The Warrior: The game is distributed in a free-to-play model with optional microtransactions.

However, spare colour palette, and suggestive soundtrack creates an atmosphere reminiscent of the memorable S.

Explore new territories and search for rare artifacts that can be traded in for big rewards. Technical Aspects sZone-Online is characterized by its average 3D graphics. In the hero skill system, the online game offers the following development directions: Building the data base is an on-going proces and the maintainer will be happy with your verifications and additions!

The character and weapon designs are pretty good but the game world could use some higher quality textures in a few areas.

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While this MMO is free to play in general, you can still use real world money to purchase in-game content like weapons and different kinds of equipment. PvP servers see constant clashes between warring factions, allowing new players to choose a side and join in the warfare.

Some areas have well-developed content while others seem largely empty, except for a few randomly roaming mutants.

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