My best guy friend kissed me. - GirlsAskGuys My best guy friend kissed me. - GirlsAskGuys

Guy friend kiss me but were not dating. Topic: 5 dates and still no kiss

Also, if I did finally make the plunge and kiss her I would want her honest feelings.

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If they like you but they're not ready, hopefully they'll say so. Heads both tilt right, eyes close, lips open, and the kiss is successful. Dude, all I wanted was a kiss So, how can you tell if he likes you or not? Keep It Choreographed When couples have been together for a while, their kissing becomes choreographed.

You might tell them that you'd like to kiss them but that you'll wait until they're ready. It shows that he respects you to the fullest and cares for you deeply. Most Helpful Guy Anonymous I may not have experience dating best friends but I do know what it's like to have a secret crush on one.

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He Loves You A lot of kisses can mean that he loves you, but there is just something so sensual about a forehead kiss. Feel free to pop in a mint or a piece of gum and then spit it out beforehand, but keep it discreet, or offer it to the other person too.

But if it is because you fancy them and you don't know how they feel I would no. If it is for practice or you both decide it is okay to do then yes.


The second you kiss someone, the intent is taken to a different place. Things might not be so good when friends—or jealous exes—are watching.

And I don't want to ruin our friendship.

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