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As Timber leads them back to the camp, Sunset notices gem dust falling from his pocket and suspects him of staging Gaea's attacks.

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Soundtrack[ edit ] The film's soundtrack was released on Google Play and iTunes on September 16, LB Kids published a novelization of the film, as well as a storybook adaptation, subtitled Save Our Camp!. Remembering his earlier statements of longing for urban life, Sunset concludes that Timber means to shut the camp down by terrorizing the campers.

Her friend Sunset Shimmer is supportive, relating through her own similar experience with transforming into a demon.

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In a post-credits scenethe girls finally restore the dock after it has been wrecked several times, but Pinkie Pie accidentally destroys it again with her powers, leaving the group in shock. The dating scene in Latin is fast heating up as more and more singles from Latin America, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Mexico and even Asia plunge into the world of online dating to find their Latino girl.

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Andrea Libman as Pinkie Piewho can infuse sprinkles with explosive energy; and Fluttershywho can communicate with animals. In the United States, the film received a television premiere on Discovery Family on November 5, You will be amazed at our secure, relaxed and exciting dating atmosphere conducive for enhancing meaningful romantic relationships meant to last a lifetime.

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