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Dual Daggers can only be equipped by dagger and Fortune Seeker classes level 81 and above.

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Sending or receiving a mail is only possible in a peace zone. Just look for the tabs at the top of your map window to choose which one you want to view.

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To make a second report, a set amount of time must pass. Entering his final semester at Orlin University, Mark appears to be a well adjusted and friendly young man, living his life leisurely, or at least that's what his friends and family thought.

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The equip effect differs for each class. If you attempt to restart there, you will be moved to the nearest village. There were two different ways to spell Bushmen.

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Territory wars will happen every other Saturday, on the same weekend as castle sieges. Handy's Block Checker mini-game is now available on Fantasy Isle.

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Only clans that are level 5 or above are eligible to possess a Clan Fame score. Press Num Lock to enable auto-run.

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Luminous Bait can only be used for night fishing. Click the "Track" button on the minimap to find the locations of Demon Sword Zariche or Blood Sword Akamanah when they have been dropped or their owners are connected to the server.

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Aerial Cleft is where someone can transform into a Flying Transformed Object, and entry can be requested through the "Vortex Gate. It seems like an impressive number of videos — until, just as a comparison, you type in 'dog video' and discover that there aredog videos.

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Each academy member may have only one sponsor.