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Hook up capacitor backwards,

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But as they have pointed out, that is not always true. The bare-metal type with a surface mount base attached usually have it printed with other information on the top.

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I researched a lot before buying my generator. The short lead is the negative pole, right?

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Make sure you get the full can in the photo and both sides of it so that we can see all the markings. You need to check either the polarity marking on the capacitor or consult the device datasheet. Kigajin 2 Comments Electric motor start-run capacitor instructions: Again client was with me at the time, I supplied and fitted a new board at no cost to my client, as it wasnt their fault it went.

How to hook up an electric motor start or run capacitor: Go to a thermostat connected to the unit being worked on and set to "cool" and a temperature below current room temperature.

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Am I wasting my time and money on this relay idea? Then an almighty crackle, fizz, and I blew the board!.

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The side with the stripe on it is the negative pole, which should connect to the - lead of a battery. As a point of general reference, it is possible for an electrolytic capacitor to heat up even during normal operation, if the capacitor is exposed to ripple currents.

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Thank you, TJ of Tampa Reply. Manchester UK I had one explode on me the other month.

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Hook up capacitor backwards - If you do not see any resistance in the capacitor then it has an internal short and it's shot - you need a new one. For example, on the output of a rectifier, or in a switching power supply.

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