Batteries in Series: Getting the Hook-Up Batteries in Series: Getting the Hook-Up

Hook up car batteries in series, ask a question

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Because you can just purchase your batteries with the right number of amp hours, then connect the batteries in series.

Do you see a problem here?

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We only recommend tying like size, type, and age batteries together in a system. I have calculated w per hour at max, 70A per hr at 5 hrs. If you are thinking of installing a second battery in your vehicle, do you actually need to connect them directly parallel to make one big battery?

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The newer battery will fully charge at a faster rate than the other batteries. The lower the gauge, the thicker the cables and the stronger they are. You can break up the packs to meet your needs and sell the rest of the unused packs to other Nissan Leaf owners who just want to retro fit some packs to fix some weaker packs that reduce their range or maybe to other E modelers.

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Connecting the 3 in series will add the voltage to 36, connecting the two sets will keep the voltage the same but increase the capacity. If the battery terminals are dirty, wipe them off with a rag or wire brush.

This will allow the battery to build up a charge.

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The lead connector from the batteries to the motor is disconnected. Measure the voltage across the three batteries by connecting the positive lead from the multimeter to the positive terminal on the first battery, and the negative lead to the negative terminal on the third battery.

Connect a wire from the negative terminal on the second battery to the positive terminal on the third battery.

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If you want to install a second battery in your 4 x 4 as you are installing a winch, this is not the way to do it. Is a 3rd battery going to be ok on the system? If you need to get 12V temporarily to test something or to try out a radio or whatever, go for it.