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Hookupz smartphone adapter scope. In the field: carson hookupz smartphone optics adapter | b&h explora

First you line up and lock the phone in place horizontally using the "right phone clamp", making sure that your camera is in-line with the Circular Camera Cutout on the adapter Next you do the same for the vertical plane, locking it in place with the Bottom Phone Clamp Rather than trying to describe these steps in detail, it will be much easier to understand if you take a look at this great instructional video below that Carson have created: The adapter was kept securely fastened to the eyepiece on my binoculars and did not move or come loose, even when using it in landscape mode where it is more off balance.

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The horizontal phone alignment is now done using a variable pitch screw for fine control adjustments but can also be moved quickly between an iPhone corner camera and Android center camera positions. The clamping mechanism now features a self-centering, dual-spring, quick-release clamp and an optic cam-lock for a tighter grip on your eyepiece to prevent sagging and slippage issues.

So whilst it is not really a weakness as such, I just think it is something to keep in mind.

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But for me this little extra bulk was not really a problem at all and anyway the comfort in knowing I can still use this adapter when I upgrade my phone and not have to get a new adapter as well, more than makes up for this.

Clarity was acceptable, the reticle was only clear when we zoomed in with the phone but then the picture was too blurry.

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Dette fordi man ikke kan se i kikkerten mens dingsen er montert. Cameras on phones are better than ever and even with so many optical zooms and filters sometimes they need a little help.

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The two photos above were taken of a farm house located a fair distance from mine. Out in the field this would really be great as it would make the process of taking out the adapter and then taking photos even quicker and just think it would also be a great place to ensure that you phone is kept away from harm or being lost.

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Exceptions Whilst the Carson Universal Adapter will easily accept most phones, there will always be some exceptions. Packaging It is not often that I take the time to create a section on and write about the packaging on a product, especially for what is essentially an accessory, but I feel that the packaging that comes with the Universal HookUpz is worth a mention.

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Low light levels will not only result in dull images, but they are more lightly to be blurry as well as your camera may use a slower shutter speed to try and make up for this, thus even the tiniest movement will cause a blurry image.