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How to hook up intel nuc d34010wyk driver, recommended posts

It should be noted that you can modify the metal drive bracket by cutting off the tabs above the drive in order to fit a larger tab, but that will void warranties and require some modding. This is what Intel had to say: To get the full 15mm you have to loosen the 4 screws that attach the drive cage to the bottom plate.

Intel has added 15mm to the chassis in order to fit the mounting bracket and 2. That allows for higher than 9.

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Intel is currently shipping the full production units to the usual distributors and expects that these new H-Sku NUCs will be at online retailers like Newegg and Amazon in about two weeks. Even with special connectors, the wiring in the DWYKH is pretty extreme with lots of 90 degree bends.

One change that is clearly visible from the outside is that ventilation holes were added to both the left and right sides of the housing for improved airflow.

Then you will be able to install the 15mm drive.

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This is worth mentioning as it makes build cost for the NUC lower and you now have many more options to fit your unique storage needs. But this means that the bottom plastic cover will not seat completely.

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Final Thoughts and Conclusions: We then unplugged the internet to ensure repeatable tests and ran BootRacer 4.