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The results determined from these various samples were consistent between the continuous and discontinuous slices within the sections that overlapped.

This is due to the fact that the ice ages tied up a large quantity of the available water thus exposing a larger portion of the continental shelves.

Finally, there is absolutely positively fur-darn-tootin no evidence of the earth ever having occupied any position in the solar system other than that which it holds now.

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The drill fluid used is normally a petroleum-derived liquid like kerosene. To install casing a shallow auger can be used to create a pilot hole, which is then reamed expanded until it is wide enough to accept the casing; a large diameter auger can also be used, avoiding the need for reaming.

The major disadvantage of this dating method is that these isotopes also tend to diffuse over time. The tephra ejected in each volcanic eruption has a unique geochemical signature, and large eruptions projecting tephra high into the atmosphere results in a very wide distribution of ash.

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This is because of the fact that, while the snow is being compressed into ice, gas transfer may occur between the atmosphere and the layers of ice. The ice core is continuously melted and analysed by numerous automatic machines.

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The very small quantities typically found require at least g of ice to be used, limiting the ability of the technique to precisely assign an age to core depths.

An alternative is to model the ice accumulation and flow to predict how long it takes a given snowfall to reach a particular depth. This approach was developed in and has since been turned into a software tool, DatIce. Plots of MF data over time reveal variations in the climate, and have shown that since the late 20th century melting rates have been increasing.

Previously Measured Ice-Cores In this method one compares certain inclusions in a ice-core whose age has been determined with a seperate method to similar inclusions in an ice-core of a still undetermined age.