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Losing track of your online time.

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Find new, healthy ways of coping with stress and daily life. Time alone cannot be an indicator of being addicted or engaging in compulsive behavior. Second, just because there is a debate about the validity of this diagnostic category amongst professionals doesn't mean there isn't help for it.

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Cognitive-behavioral therapy CBT and group therapy are common. They may need some help to get to Stage III. Do you uses the Internet as a way of escaping from problems or of relieving a dysphoric mood e. At the American Psychological Association convention, two symposia presented research and theories examining the effects of on-line behavior patterns compared to only one poster presentation in the prior year.

Some people choose to commune with a computer, Abstinence Previously, I discussed how a particular application may be a trigger for Internet addiction.

What You Need to Know About Internet Addiction

Well, the obvious answer is that many of the original researchers into the phenomenon known as IAD were actually clinicians who decided to conduct a survey. Divorce Internet Style, Time, p. We welcome you to inquire for more information, and visit us in Connecticut. Individuals may form on-line relationships which over time will eclipse time spent with real life people.