The function of body language within our daily contacts The function of body language within our daily contacts

Interview lichaamstaal flirten, see a problem?

Lichaamstaal is daarom belangrijk bij het leggen van alle soorten contacten.

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What do you believe? How do we find the right words to express what we feel, without hurting the other person's feelings?

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Meta communication Through communicating on a relational level, we can clarify the meaning of a message or even our relation with the other person. Why is the role of body language so large comparatively speaking?

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Relational level Content however is not the only thing that we convey through communication. It is usually the easiest to convey the content of a message through spoken language or commonly understood gestures.

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Often people also give more attention to the non-verbal meta communication than to the words of other people. Oomkes Communication control is important. For example pointing at your watch has something to do with time.

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According to Oomkes the reason for this is the fact that digital and analogue language are processed in the left and right side of the brain respectively. Hier gaat het er dan niet meer om wat we precies zeggen, maar meer om wat we erbij voelen.

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