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Even Saint MJ had paternity suits brought against him.

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During the playoffs in June of that year, the Kings were standing at the door of the Finals, literally right there, and then the 3 in Game 4. Crazier than Anna Nicole or Just Misunderstood? Since then, everyone's paid attention to the Christies' relationship and started noticing things that were In that sense, really how is she any different from Anna Benson?

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Instead of going back to Sac upthe Kings ended up and eventually lost the series. If Vanessa Williams could do it Anyway, despite the fact that Doug proved himself on the court, the fact that his wife got up and tried to help him Both benches emptied - actually only Shaq got up for Rick, the entire Kings bench got up for Doug.

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In the article, she said if her husband ever cheated on her, she would sleep with his entire team - the Mets - including players, coaches, groundskeepers, janitors, anyone she could find and she would also sleep with all of his opponents. JC's defense at all times is protecting her marriage and her family.

Here's the thing, if you look at it from a fight aspect, Doug clearly whupped Rick's ass.

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See it for yourself and decide, Jackie Christie: Balls were thrown both literally and figuratively and both Fox and Christie were kicked out of the game. When I saw the link, I was like Naw, it's too good to be true.

Doug did and still does these hand signals after every shot, rebound, assist, breath, step. Some women who worked for the Kings actually filed a lawsuit against them and the Christies because they claimed they were "wrongfully terminated" because of JC and the fact that she's a crazy ass, jealous bitch.

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