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They eventually became close friends, because of their similar easy going personality, and their similar taste of fashion. Kiko and Jiyong were so much in love at that time- even Jiyong told Hee Young that at that time, he swore that he would do anything for Kiko.

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They will have a really interesting conversation about Jiyong- with Taeyang there. Even though she's confused, she agreed, thinking that it was Jiyong who wanted to see her. She later revealed that she found someone else- that truly made her happy, and she 'never felt this way before'.

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Their similar clothes and accessories. They remained having a long-distance relationship for another half year. For their own good, Jiyong asked YG to help him denying the scandal for several times.

Two months after the break up, Kiko found out that Jiyong moved in somewhere and she gave him a present, but through their friend, TOP.

Kiko Mizuhara is a Japanese-American successful model, extremely beautiful, famous, sexy, and rich. Until one day, Kiko said to Jiyong that it would be better if they go their own separate ways- due to their busy schedules and since Jiyong didn't want, and would never want to go public with her, because he wants privacy.

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Intheir happy relationship got harder, due to their clumsiness.