Kriya Yoga Classes in Bangalore - Kriya Yoga Classes in Bangalore -

Kriya yoga initiation in bangalore dating, silent retreat nov 18-20, 2016

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Events and Activities with Visiting Archaryas For actual seminars, dates and venues, Click here to go to the page with the Events Schedule. Individual classes can be conducted after consultation. The instruction ceremony consists of the following phases: Every Thursday with Smt.

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At the same time he has devoted most of his leisure time for forty years to meditation, spiritual studies and teaching.

Preparing the Field People who wish to receive initation are encouraged to "prepare their field" by becoming familiar with the teachings of Paramahamsa Hariharananda and Paramahamsa Prajnanananda.

Attending a Kriya Yoga Program Yogacharyas regularly tour the United States, Europe, and India to deliver lectures, initiate students, conduct guided meditation classes, and provide spiritual counseling.

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Mahavatar Babaji — A symbol of Kriya Kriya Yoga is a meditation technique which takes us inside to Silence, to a level of no conflict. At the completion of the ceremony, the first level of Kriya techniques is taught so that aspirants can meditate on their own and continue the process of purification.

There are many Kriya Yoga Masters offering initiations to anyone who seek sincerely. If you are not initiated in Kriya Yoga before, you will receive initiation in the retreat Retreats in India.

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Students participate in a holy ceremony to purify the spine and the body. We inhale new life from the source, and we exhale that which is dead from the body.

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Weekly guided group meditations are held at centers worldwide. According to the Kriya yoga tradition, longer periods with deep meditations are recommended to be taken every year. Please consult our calendar section for their touring schedules, or contact your regional center or ashram for information about dates and locations of programs.

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To realise who we are, our unity with life, we have to be consciously connected to the source of life through the breath. A Kriya Yoga program consists of an introductory lecture, followed by initiation into the authentic Kriya Yoga by an approved yogacharya, and a minimum of three follow-up group guided meditations under the supervision of the yogacharya.

When the body is born we start to breathe, when the body dies the breath leaves the body.

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As the thought processes are calmed, it is possible to merge into the Divine in the form of sound, vibration, and light.