WMI Liquidating Trust WMI Liquidating Trust

Liquidating trust interests and activities, i. background

The Liquidating Trust does not provide tax advice. As used herein, "control" means the possession, directly or indirectly, of the power to direct or cause the direction of the management and policies of such entity, whether through ownership of voting securities or other interests, by contract or otherwise.

All inquiries regarding registrations, transfers and distributions can be directed to Computershare as follows: Any Person dealing with the Trustee shall be fully protected in relying upon the Trustee's certificate setting forth the facts concerning the action taken by the Trustee pursuant to this Agreement, including the aggregate number of Units held by the Beneficiaries causing such action to be taken.

The Staff has generally noted the following characteristics with respect to liquidating trusts being granted no-action relief: If you are not a U. The Trustee shall hold in dinoil valve hookup Trust and thereafter make disposition of all liquidating distributions and other payments due any Beneficiaries who have not been located, in accordance with Delaware law, subject to applicable state laws regarding escheat and abandoned property.

For ease of administration, the Trustee shall express the Beneficial Interest of each Beneficiary in terms of units " Units ". Except as provided in Section 5.

No Beneficiary shall be subject to any personal liability whatsoever, in tort, contract, or otherwise, to any Person in connection with the Trust Assets or the affairs of the Trust, and no Trustee, employee or agent of the Trust shall be subject to any personal liability whatsoever in tort, contract, or otherwise, to any Beneficiary or any other Person in connection with the Trust Assets or the affairs of the Trust, except for gross negligence, fraud or willful misconduct knowingly and intentionally committed in bad faith by such Trustee, employee or agent of the Trust; and all such other Persons shall look solely to the Trust Assets for satisfaction of claims of any nature arising in connection with the affairs of the Trust.

A meeting of the Beneficiaries may be called at any time and from time to time pursuant to the provisions of this Article for the purposes of taking any action which the terms of this Agreement permit Beneficiaries having a specified aggregate Beneficial Interest to take either acting alone or with the Trustee.

The trustee so appointed shall have all the rights, powers, privileges and duties and shall be subject to the conditions and limitations of the Trust, except as limited by the Trustee and except where the same may be modified by the laws of such state or other jurisdiction in which case, the laws of the state or other jurisdiction in which such trustee is acting shall prevail to the extent necessary.

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Each Beneficiary shall take and hold the same subject to all the terms and provisions of this Agreement. See Exchange Act Release No. If a bond is required by the Board or by law, the Board or the Trustee, as the case may be, shall determine whether, and to what extent, a surety or security with respect to such bond shall be required.