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He completed a personal challenge of 40, hands in 19 hours, a record at the time of the achievement in He became a PokerStars Pro in Jason spends most of his waking hours playing poker, but in the time that he does get to relax, he enjoys playing basketball, going to the beach, watching all types of sport and catching up with his friends and family.

Not only was he fun to watch Jason has never really stopped winning since that Sanremo week he was great to talk to about the game - a sentiment shared by the entire poker media. He came out of nowhere and beat a field of other players to take down the PokerStars.

This is my first time missing the PCA since I started traveling to play live poker.

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Top Two Works For Chewy We picked up the action on the turn with the board reading 3 7 Q and there was already just over 4, in the pot. Mercier has also performed well at the World Series of Poker Europe making the final table of the main event twice: Her opponent raised to 4, and Boeree called.

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And, wouldn't you know it? Jason Mercier, pictured with his wife Natasha and newborn child, has decided to go all-in on being a family man and thus had ended his relationship with PokerStars after eight years.

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We both knew we wanted to have kids right away, and luckily she got pregnant just two months after we married. How much can I travel? Natasha was concerned that he might have an ear infection because he had a low-grade fever.

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