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The virus was first known to be wild when it was downloaded from the Hypercard programming forum on If there wasn't such rampant piracy in the computing world, perhaps the virus would of not spread so quickly".

The forum warned users about a file that was found to have been infected with a virus. Whether this was poor journalism or an attempt by the Compuserve moderator to purposely paint Brandow in a bad light, is still unknown.

Becoming Wild The virus was first discovered wild on a Compuserve forum for the Hypercard programming language in At first they thought they would sell "the message" to an ad agency or a corporate sponsor but Brandow had second thoughts and wanted the message to be a positive one.

According to the virus itself, it was written by Drew Davidson. The virus infected Aldus software's FreeHandand Aldus had to recall thousands of copies of FreeHand, leading them to threaten legal action. It has also been called Aldus, Brandow, Drew and Peace.

Brandow contacted his friend Drew Davidson and asked him to program the code for him. He claimed he used the game disk only once, but still managed to get other disks he used infected.

The publicity impact was such that the Canadian magazine began being distributed in the U. The virus replicates until The program then copied itself onto any bootable disk which was opened.

The virus was a boot sector virus, which was spread in the form of a HyperCard stack called "New Apple Products," which contained very poor pictures of the then-new Apple scanner.