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At last, inat age 70, he published his masterwork, in two thick volumes, with the title An American Dictionary of the English Language. His selection of the word list and his well-phrased definitions made his work superior to previous works, although he did not give illustrative quotations but merely cited the names of authors.

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But mostly the definitions show a sturdy common sense, except when Johnson used long words sportively. Tabernacle, an house made tentwise, or as a pauelion.

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The words and expressions appeared in parallel columns on 26 leaves. It received abuse from critics who were not yet ready for the inclusion of American words.

A supplement in was the first dictionary to mark accents for pronunciation. A Dictionary in English and Welsh.

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The origin of the bilingual lists can be traced to a practice of the early Middle Ages, that of writing interlinear glosses—explanations of difficult words—in manuscripts. The Atticists were compilers of lists of words and phrases thought to be in accord with the usage of the Athenians.

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As he had been away from England for many years and had forgotten much of his English, A. After a 1st-century-ce lexicon by Pamphilus of Alexandria, many lexicons were compiled in Greek, the most important being those of the Atticists in the 2nd century, that of Hesychius of Alexandria in the 5th century, and that of Photius and the Suda in the Middle Ages.

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A widely heralded work of the s and s was the projected dictionary of Herbert Croft, in a manuscript of quarto volumes, that was to be called The Oxford English Dictionary.

The Crusca Academyof Florence, founded inbrought out its Vocabolario at Venice infilled with copious quotations from Italian literature. No previous lexicographer had the temerity to divide the verb take, transitive, into senses and the intransitive into 21 more.

His etymologies reflect the state of philology in his age. Many literary men felt the inadequacy of English dictionaries, particularly in view of the continental examples. Brestlappe or brestflappe, is soche a flappe as thou seist in the brest or a cope.

But other editions of Cawdrey were called for—a second ina third inand a fourth in

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